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I decided on white scotties instead of black because who wants black icing teeth on their birthday?!? I miss seeing your smiling face every day! Love the scotties! Who wants to make black icing? Such a pain. I must have the same Martha Stewart book -- I have done that plaid as well -- it's even more adorable on the scotties. I am Janet's daughter Sarah and I am going to make her share with me and my daughter! You are so talented! The cookies just arrived and they are Too Cute!!! And a mighty special friend, too!!!

I am thrilled- thanks so much! Hugs to you, Janet. These are so gorgeous! Look at the plaid design Yes, I admire people who draw "in the lines" Hi, I'm Alisha from Wowzio, and I'm excited to tell you about our new widget platform that helps bloggers increase readership by providing engaging widgets containing your blog's rich content.

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Again, we would love to hear your feedback. Thanks, Alisha Wright alisha. This is perfect for a birthday because children live cookies with different shapes, they feel so identify with those motives, my next party I'll prepare those cookies because my son love them. Hey you really got skills on this thing!!! Wonderful place, I will show it to my grandmother. This is good for giveaways also perfect for desert it always kids love this.

It's the same learning dog dialect. We as a whole know how to translate a human grin in the public arena. At the point when a dog pulls his lips back over his teeth, it ordinarily doesn't mean he's upbeat! All things in life need to grow and develop. This applies to our relationships as well.

All dogs big and small. Thanks a lot for sharing this excellent info! I am looking forward to seeing more posts by you as soon as possible! They were perfect! I just made these wonderful cookies. But I agree with Sally at comment With the 40 scoop I got just over 2 dozen cookies. Cooking time had to be increased and baked came out 3. For the small amount of remaining batter in the processor I used the small scoop 1 T. The cookies came out about 2 inches, and I am guessing would be more like 4 dozen. I think I will make note of this on the recipe and depending on whether I want large or small will use the size scoop accordingly.

Skipping the softening and essentially immediately getting to these delicious perfect texture, festive beyond words with the cornucopia of rainbow sprinkles sugar circles of happiness was the highlight of my…year? I mean, it was big. That being said, I echo the sentiments of several other commenters re: yield. I used a 1 Tbsp scoop and got 2 dozen, so maybe less aeration in the food processor method? These cookies were so easy to make, and even easier to eat! Great excuse to buy more sprinkles…. This is such a delicious cookie. I have made these as written with sprinkles for the kids, but have also made them with W-S shimmering sugar and they are gorgeous and grownup.

This recipe is going straight into the Christmas lineup. I made these and loved them!!

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  • Triple-Chocolate Sprinkle Birthday Cookies.

I made these 2x already. Very easy to make. Super soft, and the sugar cookie base is amazing. Make sure not to over bake, or they become crispy. Definitely a new family favorite! I made these yesterday. The texture was perfect, came out great a little crispy on the edges and on the bottom, soft on the top and in the middle but not mushy or or gooey.

I used a measuring tablespoon as a scoop and got 48 2 inch cookies. I baked them for about 10 minutes. I think next time I would make them a bit smaller and would reduce the cooking. I do a lot of mixed cookie trays, so I think smaller would work better for me. If I get them in the mail the same day I bake them under baking a bit so they stay soft and package them tightly so no air gets in, do you think they would survive a trip from Tennessee to Colorado? They are truly amazing cookies. But, you cannot double it in most food processors. I have had really good luck freezing the baked cookies.

I was worried about the sprinkles but they are just fine. How far in advance do you think I could make the dough? Would it be better to store in fridge or freezer until use? Hi Deb — would you bake and then freeze, or prepare up to the bake stage and freeze, then bake from frozen? Sorry for the delayed response on this; all of the above work but in general, fresh baked cookies are always going to have the best flavor, i.

They were a huge hit, and I agree when she said they taste like birthday cake. These are so good, travel fairly well, look special and celebratory, and are so easy to make. These were amazing! We had friends over tonight and i decided last minute to make them. I used the stand mixer. Made these tonight for a work meeting tomorrow.

I did not use the recommended xanthum gum or whatever and they are still delightful. Biiiiiiiiig hit in the house here… especially after we called them Unicorn cookies. Froze a few balls for the future! Made them a bit smaller than suggested, and got odd cookies out of the batch; they only needed about 10 minutes baking. So delish! They kinda taste like a good glazed donut to me. And so pretty! My favorite bulk food store had jars of autumn leaf-colored sprinkles, which I used for some of these today…just gorgeous!

Thanks for this recipe! Easy, delicious, picture perfect cookies that look like a professional baked them. My son who loves sprinkles, hence the reason I made them , was enraptured. I am not a fan of sprinkles but I loved these — so now I need to find better sprinkles… the ones I had looked lovely but they were from the Bulk Barn, just a basic staple in the pantry for ice cream sundaes and the like. These cookies deserve better. And my son has already suggested that I try the cookie recipe with frosting instead, or chocolate icing… then topped with sprinkles.

I may just do that. I have no problem splurging on organic ingredients and sourcing imported Buffalo mozzarella, but that seemed a bit extreme for sprinkles. Still, I may indulge for the holidays. Or will continue reading comments in the hope that someone suggests another good source I ordered on Amazon: CakeMate all the colors minus purple and then found Carnival sprinkles by Medley Hills Farm — they have purple in the mix! I just got my shipment from Sprinkle Planet online. Get this, you can customize your sprinkles!!!! They, are beautiful. If I were to chill the dough for a few hours would I be able to roll it out and use a cookie cutter?

Thanks for a fun, yummy recipe. These cookies are so easy to make and extremely delicious!! Made these yesterday and they were a hit at the party. We reduced the sugar from g to g and found them perfectly sweet using rather sweet and not waxy sprinkles. Our crappy NYC apartment stove runs hot so the cookies that baked on a regular sheet tray burned on the bottom,while the other batch on an airbake tray were perfect. Just ordered my custom blend sprinkles online, and Can hardly wait to commence baking these. Would these freeze well?

Oh yes.

Sample Menu | Insomnia Cookies

It makes the inside amazing. I have a question about the flour and weight. What guide are you using for conversions? Crazy,,, Thanks. So, I just made these again and used the 3 cup measure — came to gms. As always, they came out perfect — 10 mins, turn, 2 more minutes. So, maybe the extra flour I get by using the volume method takes care of any adjustment. Thanks, Anita. I generally consider all-purpose flour to be in a to range, thus default mostly to these days to meet it in the middle. I made them on the big side as you suggested, and am not sorry!

I measured out 1. I need to go to the kitchen supply store! I prefer to make them 1 tablespoon big. They make me happy and they taste amazing. My kids and all their friends love them! Especially the rolling them in sprinkles part. What do you think about making the dough the day before and storing in plastic wrap in the fridge? Made these today with my 8 yr old…it ticked all the right boxes…easy enough…fun…pretty…delicious…she loved mixing her own custom blend of sprinkles.

Made these today. Super easy and yummy. Used Christmas sprinkles. Everyone loved them. Could this dough be rolled out and used with cookie cutters? Thanks, Deb! These are fantastic. I made a batch last weekend with my godson and now I am making them for a tea party, and am planning to experiment with rolling them in Skor bits and cinnamon sugar as well. I made these exactly as written. I used a 1 tablespoon scoop and got 4 dozen 2 inch cookies, which I thought was the perfect size.

I did 2 batches with multi colored sprinkles, and the rest with chocolate. One batch was cooked slightly longer and was a little browner and crispier, but still soft in the center, which I preferred. Great recipe. A definite keeper. Any recommendations on sprinkles to purchase.

I grew up eating these from a local bakery on Long Island. My dad would go every Sunday for crumb buns, bagels, rolls, cookies, and jelly doughnuts. I made these as written and I love them! Can you use this dough to roll out and use cookie cutters or stamps? Just cut back the sugar elsewhere. I made these with red, white and green sprinkles with the optional almond exact.

You given me so much. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thank you, Deb. Oh my gosh, I just took these out of the oven, they are delicious,festive, and fun to make, good in every way!! Thank you, thank you,. I made a batch of these tonight using the food processor method. It took an additional ounce or so of cream cheese before the dough would hold together.

I used up the last of the Plugra from Thanksgiving and used regular domestic butter for the remainder. No big deal, really. I have whipped cream cheese; could I use the same weight? I also have labne, which touts itself as a cream cheese sub. Could I use either the same weight or volume measure? For storing for a few days: refrigerate in sealed container—or just in a sealed container out of the fridge?

These are my go to cookies. Okay, these are my new favorite cookie. I made them today, a double batch using my KitchenAid stand mixer. Scooped, rolled and dropped into a big bowl of rainbow sprinkles. They looked fab before going in the oven and fantastic when they came out. They made me smile and tasted great! Now part of my holiday tradition. Thank you!!!!! So much fun!

I made these this morning with my 2. She loved rolling the dough balls around in the sprinkles perhaps even more than she enjoyed eating her cookie.

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The cookies are delicious and it was a great recipe to start introducing my daughter to baking. These were delightful! Came out just as beautiful as the picture above! I will say that my food processor was slightly overwhelmed. I have the 6-cup capacity, so things got tight in there flour spewing out the top! Next time, i will use my stand mixer not having to soften butter and cream cheese was awesome, though! I made these exactly as written and they were delicious as well as lots of fun to make on a snowy, cold day. Thanks for a great recipe!

This is one of my favorite cookie recipes! They are easy to make and always turn out delicious. I made them once with the almond extract and found the flavor to be overpowering so now I always make without. They are fantastic! These are absolutely wonderful cookies. They smell and taste like they came from the best bakery.

I change the sprinkles depending on the season. They also freeze well. I made these yesterday and half way through coating I ran out of sprinkles. I coated the rest of the cookies in coconut. What came out of the oven were the most magical cookies ever!!! The sprinkle ones were perfect, too, just to say : but the coconut!! I made these for Christmas, and they are amazing! I actually made two batches, the first where I used an approximate tablespoon and a half eyeballing it of dough per cookie, and a second in which I measured each cookie at one tablespoon only.

So Yummy Cookies Recipes - Easy Birthday Cookies Decorating Ideas For Party

The second one was much better! Also, the tablespoon-size allowed for the ball of dough to be shaped into a perfect circle when I flattened them with the drinking glass, and overall just a more appetizing appearance. They are also very filling cookies obviously I had to taste-test them : , so the slightly smaller size will not be overwhelming to people. I considered using just Christmas-coloured sprinkles, but the confetti colours really make this the happiest little cookie! These are beyond my expectations! I made these today and they are delicious. I especially appreciate the added tidbits Deb provides.

I followed the recipe exactly and they were easy. They will be even simpler to make the 2nd time. Thank you Deb. This recipe will become a staple. I have exactly 37 cookies. I think mine were a smidge big. I make the salted chocolate chunk cookies by hand and they always come out well. I actually used the food processor directions as a guide and cut in the butter and cream cheese kind of like a pie dough. They came out wonderfully!

These are the bomb. Simple to make but so good to look at. My batch only yielded about 25 cookies, so mine were bigger I used a tablespoon to scoop. Big fan. I made a batch of these cookies, twice for the holidays. After they cooled out of the oven, I made a simple citrus glaze… delicious! The baked dough has such a great texture. Thank you for this recipe : :. This is, clearly, a major failing. I made these tonight after my order of jimmies from NY Cake arrived. They were delicious, but all our fingers, lips, and tongues are stained blue!

Is that a common sprinkle cookie side-effect? Or was our eating them hot and straight from the oven a rookie mistake? Strange thing, I used the same cookie scoop and somehow my cookie total came out to only 33, not 48 like yours.

Order your choice of personalised biscuits online

And they look bigger than yours. Maybe I fill the scoop more than you do? Anyhow, other than that, I love these!!! I made these cookies yesterday and they were wonderful. I especially like making them myself since I can have them without the almond extract. How did you get so many sprinkles on your cookies?

I tried rolling them in my hands like you suggested, warming the dough in the bowl on top of the stove, and adding water to the outside of the dough and I was never able to get the full sprinkle coverage. The only time the sprinkles would stick was after I flattened them on top of the sprinkles. Made these to bring to work today and they were a hit! This recipe is definitely a keeper! I look forward to changing the sprinkle colors for each holiday or maybe trying decorating sugar.

The cookies were soft and chewy with great flavor and they came together very quickly too. For those bakers having trouble getting the sprinkles to stick, I rolled the dough in my hands to warm it up and really pressed the dough into the sprinkles. Holy smokes, these are killer. I should have added a little extra flour to compensate for the extra liquid in the egg but they were just a little more difficult to roll.

Cream cheese is really sooo versatile. The weighed flour cookies spread out more so they are thinner, and a little less soft. The scooped and measured cookies look exactly like the photo and are more soft. Oh well. This is a great cookie. I served them to two different groups of friends this weekend, and everybody raved. I agree with the poster who said the sprinkles can taste a little weird, and so to compensate for that I only dipped the top half of each ball, and then made that the top of the cookie when I squished them, which worked great.

I watched them really carefully in the oven for maximum softness. I loved these bakery cookies as a child, and I have to say, these are even better. Out of excitement and enthusiasm I ended up using an additional bean pod than what the recipe called for. While they were baking, I was afraid that I went overboard. While I was taste-testing, I was so glad that I was heavy-handed! I also added the optional almond extract, and it was the perfect amount- able to detect, but not overpowering.

Thank you, Smitten Kitchen! Recipe worked perfectly — slightly rounded tablespoon scoops resulted in exactly 50 cookies. I made these today and loved them! And they taste great, of course! Good use for the Kerrygold butter I found on sale. I made 1. It took way more sprinkles than suggested, probably at least 3 cups. I made them thru the food processor. My dough was a bit crumby. I was able to make them into the balls easily, but had to work the sprinkles into them.

They came out great, but I was wondering if that is how it was suppose to be? Glad they all worked out in the end! And thank you. I try not to bake often, because most of the scrumptious or otherwise results end up in my stomach…anyway. I love these cookies. Super easy. Highly recommend the cookies, though, in case anyone if unsure! Fun, beautiful no matter what , tasty. I have had best luck and most fun using cookies that are 1 tablespoon in volume, using a tablespoon measure and sliding out with my thumb do a few at a time, before rolling—or you can portion them all out ahead of time, then smooth in your palms right before rolling in sprinkles.

They definitely need to be tacky-ed up before the sprinkle part.

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Have fun!! Do you think using dyed sugar to roll the cookies in would work as well as the bigger sprinkles? These look like so much fun. Grandkids would love them but one is allergic to egg. Has anyone tried these with a flax egg? Absolutely terrific! Followed your recipe to a T, and they were perfect. Nothing beats a delicious butter cookie, in my opinion! Thank you so much for the test kitchen work you spent so much time on perfecting this recipe.

I made these cookies today and they came out perfect in every way! They make me happy just looking at them! The flavor and texture of the cookie is spot on. I baked these today with my kiddos, and they were great—but they were a bit crumbly, which surprised me.

What do you think is the mostly likely cause? I used vanilla extract instead of beans and mixed them using my stand mixer. I baked them Thoughts on what may have caused this? Was the dough crumbly or the final cookie, i. If it was on the baking end, it might just set up more with more time out of the oven. Came out great, no structural issues— would even sub a little more cocoa powder next time for a richer flavor.

Subbed a full cup this time— definitely do this. Amazing chocolate cookies and so pretty too. These were a dream come true for my three year old. She was more excited about rolling the dough in a big bowl of sprinkles than actually eating the cookies! I ordered a 7 lb jug of sprinkles to make your confetti cake recipe and have a ton of sprinkles left over. I made these cookies just to use up some sprinkles and wowee, they were spectacular.

These cookies were soft, moist and had a good vanilla flavor. The colorful sprinkles also make it such a cheerful cookie. This recipe was a joy to make. These cookies are delicious right out of the oven, and so good the second day as well. Part of the batch was just mailed as part of a care package for my college freshman. I loved reading about your homemade rainbow sprinkle mix! We made the confetti cake and had to make our own mix because none of the store mixes were as fabulous as yours! Lacking sprinkles, I made these totally plain and naked.

They still tasted amazing and were gone in an instant, but a bit of sprinkle color and crunch would make them more presentable to the public.

Happy Birthday

There are others — some are pretty expensive — India — the company that makes the food coloring that WF carried. They were better on second day though bit too sweet. Today is third day and flavor and texture are awesome! I believe you have to give it couple days for best flavor.

My son turns 10 tomorrow and asked for these cookies instead of cake! For breakfast. With bacon. I am a frequent reader, and have a reputation among friends as quite the baker, which I attribute to you as my trustworthy source of sweets recipes cookies, cakes, brownies, blondies. I wanted to tell you that I have made these cookies several times since the recipe came out last year, and in addition to being a hit with the preschool et because obviously friends and neighbors have raved over them because they look so fun and taste as good as they look unlike the bakery version which are always parve and boring.

So thank you! Just reading comments and came across yours. LOVED these cookies, and yes, agree that they are a zillion times better than the ones that look similar from childhood bakeries, but taste less rich and satisfying. Let me tell you how you can ruin these. You can forget adding the sugar. Remembered after everything was mixed, tried mixing it in — FAIL. They still taste delicious.

These are the best cookies! I made these for some sixth grade students at Halloween, using orange and black sprinkles. He is twelve, after all! They have already requested these for our Christmas party. Thanks for the great recipe! Has anyone got any suggestion of what sprinkles to use that are available in the UK?

So far the ones I have used the colour has dissolved after baking. Based on your email about making cookies in the food processor, I made these today with the kids. The kids were thrilled! They taste great! I want to make these ahead of time for Christmas, what is the best way.

Bake and freeze or roll dough freeze then defrost and sprinkle when ready to bake? Cookies were easy to make and very delicious. It added a nice peppermint taste and the edges had some of the melted crunch so added a nice decorative touch. I also used vanilla bean paste. This is a great cookie and you have lots of options of what to roll them in. Is that common?? I made these yesterday with my 2. Granddaughter who loves to cook. They were the perfect cookie for this project. She was too young to roll the balls, but she loved rolling the balls in the sprinkles.

Wish I could send you the video. Very precious moment. Have to add to my immediate previous comment: I did post a photo or video on IG and tagged you and SK in it. These look beautiful—exactly like the pictures—and all the kids who tried them loved them. What a hit! Awesome flavor and such a fun look with the rainbow sprinkles. I made these for a cookie swap tomorrow night. First off, i have to admit, Im single and the only reason i am in this is for a new recipe or two, good convo and a glass of wine. Now to these cookies…wow! Thank you, thank you!!!

This looks wonderful! Making them this afternoon. These cookies are excellent. I made a batch for a Christmas Cookie Exchange and everyone loved them. The rainbow sprinkles really add to the festivity. Thank you for my new go-to cookie recipe. Only thing is dough was a bit too dry. I measured everything to scale followed grams , and let egg, butter, and cheese sit at room temp to soften because I did use an electric mixer, etc. No matter how hard I tried, sprinkles would not stick everywhere.

So in a panic I kneaded in some coconut oil and then all was good plus added another dimension to the taste. Second time commenting on this post. Made these again first time forgot to add sugar until last minute! I am sure this recipe will be a favorite at our house as the were delicious last time even though I screwed up the sugar. Trask, "Human genetics and disease: Human cytogenetics: 46 chromosomes, 46 years and counting" Nature Reviews Genetics 3 : Reviews of Modern Physics.

Bibcode : RvMP Archived from the original PDF on 1 October Direct link to value. New York: Geneva Press : The Musical Times Vol. The Music of Alban Berg. Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. Retrieved 2 May Categories : Integers.